Suedezul fara varsta

Va ziceam ce impresionata sunt de Patrik Järbyn. E in Cupa Mondiala de aproape 20 de ani! Cei mai tineri dintre baietii de la start i-ar putea spune maine poimaine tataie, daca s-ar uita la el in pasaport. Pe partie insa, ei sunt cei care merg ca mosnegutii, in timp ce suedezul e inca de neoprit. Ma umple de un respect din acela la care amutesc. Desi ar trebui sa-mi dezlege vorbele, mai ales aici, pe partieeeee. In locul meu a facut-o Shauna Farnell:

„While you’d think Jaerbyn’s body would become less resilient to the wear and tear that comes with rocketing down an icy track at nearly 130 kilometers per hour and you’d think his old bones would never be able to bounce back from a crash like the one he sustained in the Olympic super G last season, he is always able to get back on his feet. After that Olympic crash – in which he caught an edge, his body contorted into an unnatural shape and he hammered the back of his head on the ice at high speed, he was taken away in a gurney. But all he ended up with was a bad concussion. And he’s had lots of those.”

Povestea completa o gasiti aici.